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15 December 2011 @ 06:31 pm
Neglect + news!  
I've been neglecting this blog, sorry. I have the usual excuses but never will I leave LJ! Never. I did, however, put up a new blog over at--gasp--blogspot. I've made a couple throughout the years but never continued with those. This new one is dedicated to work though: design, my illustrations, visual inspirations, tattoos, upcoming projects (rants, personal issues and giddy joys I shall leave here). :) If you have a blog over at blogspot, let's follow each other, yes? :)

The Curious Studio Blog.

Ok, there's a gig over at Cubao X tonight and it's for free! DJ Reuben of Ladytron is playing. Hope to see some, if not all, of you there. :)
Current Music: Jardin d'Hiver - Keren Ann